The Winter King

8 yr old. Competing Intermediate + CCI**  20 BE points

Jesmond Justice

8 yr old. Competing Novice + CCI*   13 BE points

Weston Woodcote

6 yr old out of Seranna (Inschallah II)  Competing BE100 and double clear at 5 year old Lycetts Championships at Osberton.

Weston One Vision

7 yr old out of Weston Bohemian Rhapsody (Bohemond) Competing BE Novice and qualified BD Regionals at Novice 

Weston Fairplay (For Sale)

8 yr old out of Atalanta II (Atlantus) Competing BE100

Weston Blackbird (For Sale)

8 yr old Competing BE100

Templar Justice

6 yr old out of Welton Vivat  5 BE FP points and won 1st BE Novice in 2012

Martha III

8 yr old  Competing BE Novice  40 BE FP points


8 yr old Competing BE Novice 1 BE point 20 BE FP points

Just the Job III

7 yr old Competing BE Novice 1 BE point 29 BE FP points

Grand Finale

6 yr old Competing BE90

Weston Warlord

6 yr old out of Exceutive Perk mare Competing BE90